Over the years I have consulted for a number of private companies, on issues ranging from graphic design and data-presentation to brand identity and consumer relations. I have been described as an “information architect“, an “idea machine“, and a “brain for hire“.

Recent projects include work for:

A world-class restaurant – devising an innovative and unexpected “mission statement” to inspire staff and catalyse change.

A start-up financial services research company – advising on branding, corporate literature, product development, and company “tone of voice”.

A major Manhattan museum – advising on restructuring the existing exhibition space, proposing new exhibition subjects, consulting with staff, and devising tactical media relations.

An independent film production company – advising on new projects, brand extensions, and client relations.

My approach to consultancy is, I hope, bracingly simply. In my experience, there are five stages to most projects:

Identify – establish a detailed, yet flexible, focus on what needs to be addressed

Collect – amass as much data as possible through background reading, personal observation, and targeted interviews

Formulate – analyse this data, and establish a plan for change

Present – offer the client my assessment of the challenges and their solutions

Implement – complete those changes I can, and assist in those changes best made in-house

Inevitably, much of this work is confidential, but to discuss any aspect of consultancy, please contact me by email.