Graphic Design


Most of my graphic design is for my own books and journalism – all of which I typeset. Below is an InDesign layout spread from the Quintessential Miscellany:



Over the years, I have been extremely lucky to persuade some of the greatest newspaper and magazine designers to let me loose on their pages, and supply them with ‘camera-ready’ PDFs of my work. Sometimes I use only ‘my’ fonts; other times I combine ‘my’ fonts with those of the publication. The aim is to produce work that is unmistakably ‘Schott’ while fitting into an established layout without looking like an advert.

Below is an example from the cover of The Times T2 section, featuring an adaptation of the 2008 Schott’s Almanac Astrometer:

For those interested in the technical nature of my design, I have a blog post here.

In addition to designing and typesetting my own work, I have consulted for a range of companies and individuals, and created a number of logos and identities.