For some eight years between 1996 and 2002 I worked as a professional photographer, specialising mainly in portraiture and sub-specialising in portraiture of politicians and captains of industry.

My clients included The Times, The Sunday Times, Reader’s Digest, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Management Today, Director, Sunday Business, St Luke’s, MindShare, The University of Cambridge, High Fliers, and many more.

I taught myself photography while working in the darkrooms of The Independent during school holidays. In those days the Indy was the zenith of British reportage – editors who understood photography were aided by a great picture desk, talented darkroom staff, and, of course, superb snappers.

I learned to print black and white photos under the skilled eye of darkroom manager John Luff, and I tried to emulate the best Independent photographers: Brian Harris, David Ashdown, Herbie Knott, and Peter Macdiarmid.

At that time The Independent considered photography as important as reporting – and on a number of occasions the front page was cleared for a great picture, including Glynn Griffiths’s dramatic shot of the Clapham Junction rail disaster [scroll down].

It was, therefore, one of the proudest moments of my photographic career to have a photograph on page 2 of The Independent (across six columns), simply because the picture desk liked it.

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