The Times

Below is a selection of the pieces I have written for The Times of London.
The columns are not online, but the images below are clickable.

Schott’s Royal Wedding Miscellany
Special supplement; double page spread
April 2011


Schott’s General Election Almanac
Special supplement; double page spread
March 2010

Schott’s Ashes Almanac
An A1 pull-out poster
July 2009

Schott’s Lunar Almanac
with Rick Stroud
June 2009

Schott’s Obamiscellany
November 2009

Schott’s Almanac of New Tourism
July 2008


Gordon Brown’s First Year
June 2008

Schott’s April Fool Almanac
March 2008

Schott’s Prime Ministerial Almanac
June 2007

Tony Blair’s Decade
Double page spread
May 2007

Schott’s New Year Miscellany
December 2007

Schott’s Almanac of Class
With Ipsos MORI
March 2008

Schott’s Almanac of Sleep
With Ipsos MORI
August 2007

The Talents of all the Cabinet
With Matthew Parris
July 2007

A Beatles Miscellany
February 2007


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