Some Words of the Year 2006



Happy Slapping

Capturing acts of random violence on video phones.


Turkey Twizzler

Curious turkey-themed snack ‘popularised’ by Jamie Oliver.


Santo Subito

‘Immediate sainthood’ – chanted by crowds in

St Peter’s Square after the death of Pope John Paul II.



(Illegal) international transfer of prisoners,

often to facilitate torture.



Buying, using, then returning goods.



The addictive nature of PDAs.


Cleanskins & Lillywhites

Individuals without prior criminal or terrorist associations.



Charity street ‘muggers’.



Texting drunk.


Man Date

A platonic date between two heterosexual men.

Also Mandals · Male sandals.

Also Murse · A male purse.



[1] The pervasive influence of the Arab-Israeli

conflict on world politics;

 [2] The fact that post-9/11, Madrid, and 7/7, Western states

now also live with the reality of suicide attacks;

 [3] The adoption of Israeli tactics for tackling terrorism.



A pun on Mujahideen, used to deride a class of political Bloggers who comment on the world from the comfort of their homes, presumably in the comfort of their pyjamas. (Adopted by some activists as a badge of honour.)



The medical treatment of obese patients;

derived from ‘baros’, the Greek for weight (as in geriatric).


Body Spam

 Undesirable physical contact by strangers,

such as that suffered by waitresses, or commuters.



A blog containing video.