Some Words of the Year 2007



Yo, Blair!

George W. Bush’s off-mic greeting of Tony Blair.



Cashing in on the success of Dan Brown’s books.&


James Bland

Nickname for Daniel Craig’s James Bond.


Muffin Top

Roll of abdominal fat spilling from the top of tight jeans.



A friend/enemy.


The Long War

The  Pentagon’s bizarre replacement for the ‘War on Terror’.



Kids dressed like pimps.



David Cameron’s supporters. Also Notting Hill Set.



The spectacular philanthropy practised by Bill Gates, &c



Improvised Explosive Devices, like roadside bombs,

 that have proved so devastating to Allied forces in Iraq.


To check for IEDs, US soldiers perform ‘5s and 25s’ when leaving their
vehicles: walking 5 metres, and visually scanning a 25 metre perimeter.


Also VBED · Vehicle-Born (Improvised) Explosive Device.



Tony Blair’s description of Guantánamo Bay.



The people against the people against America.



Flirting between those who have been banished outside to smoke.


Toff Roader

A posh off-road 4×4.


Also Prole’s Royce

Nickname for stretched limousines that are filled with drunken teenage girls.


Vertical Drinking

Bars designed with few or no seats that encourage people to drink more, faster.


Rate Tart

One who moves savings or debts to get the best interest rates.



A fox hunt that (claims to) follows a scent [legal] rather than a fox [illegal].