Some Words of the Year 2010



Swine Flu

The common name for the A(H1N1) virus.


Lesser Spotted Kate

Press nickname for Kate Middleton, based upon her (relatively) low profile.

Plural Cities

Areas with no ethnic majority.



Where MPs switch the homes they nominate as their secondary

residence to claim expenses for more than one property.


Together For Ever

A suicide pact between a couple.

Budgetary Infinity

Describing the ‘feeling of audacity’ among US politicians during the banking collapse, David Brooks noted in The New York Times ‘Zeros have lost their meanings. The amount of consideration once devoted to a proposal costing $3 billion is now devoted to a proposal costing $300 billion. Americans have entered the age of budgetary infinity.’



Male grooming.


Negotiation Fatigue

Lassitude induced by the repeated failure of Middle East talks.


Pope Invisible

Critical assessment of Benedict XVI’s insular papacy.



Business waffling.



Catchphrase of Aleksandr Orlov from


PM for PM

The suggestion that Peter Mandelson might renounce

his peerage and become Prime Minister.

Also Kindly Pussycat

‘I don’t really see myself as a big beast’, Mandelson told The Guardian,
‘more as a kindly pussycat’. (Ed Miliband called him a ‘Benign Uncle’.)


Police strategy of crowd control through containment.


Expats who flee Dubai because of unemployment or debt.