Some Words of the Year 2011



Second Tremor

Lawlessness and looting that followed Chile’s earthquake.



A showbiz romance faked for PR purposes.

Shiny Floor Shows

Bold, brash light-entertainment TV.


Media Stacking

Using several forms of media simultaneously
(e.g., surfing the net while watching TV).


Top Hat, Top Kill, Junk Shot

Three mooted means of halting the Deepwater Horizon spill.



Puffing on ‘e-cigarettes’.



Twitterers with >1m followers.



Manipulating specific events in a sports match.


Switch On to Switch Off —  People who can only feel relaxed

with their personal communication devices turned on.


Information Curtain

Hillary Clinton’s Churchillian term for the effects of
internet censorship in China and elsewhere.


Single Service Sites

Websites which fulfil an extremely narrow purpose –

such as (the answer is ‘no’ 364 days a year).


Fakelaki, Rousfeti & 4-4-2 System

Terms associated with Greece’s culture of bribery, identified in the WSJ.

Fakelaki is Greek for ‘little envelopes’ of payola;

Rousfeti are expensive political favours;

4-4-2 system is a soccer allusion to tax:  40% to the corrupt official,

40% one keeps, 20% paid to the state.

Also Greek Statistics

(EU)phemism for ‘creative accounting’.


The Tiger Recession

The economic consequence for golf of Woods’s withdrawal from the game.


Drip Pricing

Online pricing tactic where the total cost is revealed only at the end of
a long process and after (compulsory) add-ons have been included.


Coffee Name

An alias given when ordering at a coffee shop to
avoid the bother of spelling one’s real name.


Velcro Parents

Who cling on.