Over the years, the Miscellanies have been translated into some 21 languages, including Korean, as above.

For the most part these translations are faithful to the content and design of the English editions (no mean feat, given the linguistic and typographic challenges). Each edition is allowed to incorporate some culture-specific material, and certain editions are given additional leeway in their design to accommodate unique local challenges. The Japanese edition, for example, is slightly taller than the others, and features rather delicious spot-red explanatory text throughout.

Each time I receive copies of a new foreign edition I am amazed at the skill of its translators and designers. I was initially sceptical that any foreign publisher would want to attempt to translate the Miscellany, since it felt such a quintessentially English endeavour. However the success of the Miscellanies abroad, not least in France, Italy, and Germany, indicates perhaps that the desire for uncommon knowledge is universal.

It would be amiss not to give special credit to Dr Alexander Weber, my editor at Bloomsbury Berlin, and the translator and adaptor of all four Miscellanies and the three German Almanacs. The German editions of the Miscellanies are the best-selling foreign-language editions – the Original spent almost a year on the Spiegel bestseller list. Much of the credit for this must go to Alex for his masterly adaptations.

Perhaps the most curious translation was undertaken in 2006, when the United States Library of Congress translated the Food & Drink Miscellany into a two-volume edition of Braille.

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